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June 8, 2019

Gave the Family Cafe 2019 Living with Epilepsy Presentation on my own this year. The slides and a handout by one of the audience members are attached here and here.

June 5-7, 2015


Presenting once again at Family Cafe with updated versions of talks on Living with Epilepsy (with Jaime 
Sagona) and Advocating for Students with Invisible Disabilities, including the new OSEP Guidance on twice-exceptional students. The Epilepsy slides are linked here and the Invisible Disability slides are here.

June 16, 2018

Jaime Sagona and I presented again this year on Living With Epilepsy at Family Cafe in Orlando. As promised, the comprehensive slides are here.

October 9, 2015


I will be presenting at the Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools conference in Orlando, Florida. My topic is Legal Issues That Get Good Schools/Teachers in Trouble. The slides are available here.

September 17, 2014


Tonight I am speaking with the ESE Advisory Council for Broward County Schools on State Complaints and Other Dispute Resolution Processes. Slides are attached here.

August 7, 2014


I had a delightful opportunity to work with No-Nuts Moms Group of Palm Beach County tonight in a highly interactive conversation about advocating for students with severe allergies and anaphylaxis. My presentation is available here.

June 6-8, 2014


Back again at Family Cafe! I am excited to join Jaime Sagona and Mark Kamleiter again in updated presentations on Epilepsy (see link here) and Advocating for Students with Invisible Disabilities (click here).

March 6, 2014


I am presenting at the COPAA Conference in Baltimore this weekend with Claudia Roberts, another colleague from Special Education Law & Advocacy. We will be speaking on Advanced Eligibility for Students with Invisible Disabilites. The Powerpoint for our presentation can be viewed through this link.

June 17, 2017

It was a pleasure to co-present for the first time with Nina Kannatt on Advocating for Students with Invisible Disabilities at Family Cafe. Ourslide presentation is available here.

April 28, 2016


Joining my good friend and colleague Dr. John McIntire for "Special Education Advocacy: Beyond the Basics" today at the 2016 Guardian Ad Litem Conference, link to presentation here and materials are here, here and here.

May 22, 2015


Dr. Jonathan McIntire and I will be presenting at the Florida Guardian Ad Litem Training Conference in Orlando. Our topic is Pursuing Win-Win Outcomes in the School Setting: Educational Advocacy. Slides are attached here.

September 9, 2014


I will be speaking tonight with families from the Palm Beach County Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) Group at Atlantis Academy in West Palm Beach. Our discussion will be on advocacy, and I will be focusing on the differences between 504 plans and IEPs for students with ADHD. My slide presentation is here.

April 26, 2014


Today is a presentation for the FVDD/CDTC Special Education Summit on Early Steps, Transitions, IEPs & Guardianship at Broward North Hospital in Pompano Beach. I will be speaking in a joint discussion with Maria Cammarata and Mark Kamleiter. My segment of the panel will focus on How to Achieve IEPs Where Everyone Wins. My presentation slides are available here. Mark's presentation is available here.

June 7, 2013


I am presenting at Family Cafe in Orlando this weekend. I will be speaking on Advocating for Students with Invisible Disabilities with my colleague from Special Education Law and Advocacy, Mark Kamleiter. I will also speak from personal (and professional) experience as an individual with epilepsy in All About Epilepsy, with my colleague from Partners in Policymaking, Jaime Sagona. The powerpoints for the two presentations are linked here.

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