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Consultation on Strategy

​Sometimes families are able to handle working with the school district on their own but could use assistance with defining their child's needs, creating a plan of action, developing a productive approach to resolving issues, and considering alternatives. We can meet with you, review files, and help develop a strategy for success.

Disciplinary hearings

Many times, schools impose discipline without taking into account a child's disability or other relevant factors, and without providing positive behavioral supports that would be more effective in addressing problems. We can represent your child during hearings and pursue better alternatives to suspension and expulsion.


Transition between middle and high school and in between high school and post-secondary education and employment  are critical times in which many ESE students fall between the cracks. We can provide guidance in ensuring that the transition is smooth and that your child obtains the life skills and experiences that will lead to successful adulthood.

IEP and 504 Plan Meetings

Attending school meetings alone when there are numerous school staff members against one or two parents can be intimidating. We can accompany you to meetings with IEP and 504 teams to ensure that the proposed plans are providing your child with a free and appropriate public education and that your voice is heard.

Bullying and Other Abuse

​Children with disabilities are more likely to be targets of bullying by peers and of abuse by teachers and staff. We can help put safeguards into place to protect your child and prevent future trauma. There are laws in Florida that require schools to take specific actions to investigate and stop abuse. There are also interventions that can be added to IEPs and 504 plans that will help protect your child.

Due Process and Litigation

​We look at filing complaints and lawsuits as a last resort if reasonable requests by parents are not met. However, on the occasions it is necessary, we can represent families in filing due process, State Department of Education, federal Office of Civil Rights, and other complaints as well as lawsuits in state and federal court.

Policy Advocacy

After more than a decade working in individual case advocacy, we are now becoming more active in advocating before local, state and federal policymakers to change laws and regulations that serve as barriers to meeting the needs of vulnerable students and to encourage the passage of bills that will protect the student and family educational rights.

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