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Advocating for children  with disabilities

It can be overwhelming to deal with the challenges of obtaining an appropriate education for children with learning differences and physical and emotional conditions. We are here to help.

​​Whether you are facing the confusing world of early childhood and pre-K services, dealing with initial evaluations and Child Find teams for school-age children, or having difficulty getting school staff to comply with existing 504 plans and Individualized Education Plans, we can help you work with the schools to get what your child needs. We take a collaborative but firm approach to achieve solutions that ensure your family's rights are protected and relationships between school and home are preserved as much as possible.

Assisting adults with disabilities

as well

Life continues past secondary school, and many people become disabled later in life. We can help when you face legal issues involving transition to post-secondary education, employment, housing, access to public accommodations, and  other aspects of life.

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